Inga Tiedmers

Inga Tiedmers

I’m 32 years old and I’v e been working as a Physio since 10 years. I’m self-employed since 3 years and have my own practice, connected to the CrossFit Werk, since 1 year. I have a big passion for sport, especially CrossFit. This is why I connected my passion with my profession. This means that I mainly treat and coach CrossFitters or other sporty people, that like to work on their body. For me my job isn’t only a job, it is my lifestyle and passion.

Physical therapy in sports – what fascia therapy can change


The body is a mirror of our soul, doings and habbits. The fascia plays a relevant role and it’s very important that the interaction between muscles and joints works correctly. Stretching an Mobility help a while, but the correct therapy goes deep and heals injuries.

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