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IT’S ON !!! Wir gehen in die zweite Runde – CALI GAMES GERMANY 2018 kommt!

Calisthenics ist DIE Trendsportart die JEDEN miteinschließt, für die du keine teuren monatlichen Beiträge zahlen musst und die unter freiem Himmel stattfindet – genau dort, wo du es willst. Calisthenics ist sozial und oft mit wichtigen Projekten verbunden. Bei den Cali Games 2018 sammeln wir Spenden für Hood Training – EIN PROJEKT VON Aktion Hilfe für Kinder.


1VS1 BATTLES (Openweight)
1st match: Dejan Stipke Stipic vs. Lee Wade Turner
2nd match: Micha Schulz vs. Jerry Haerle

Two competitors starting at the same time. That athlete who finishes first win the battle. The respective battle requirements will be communicated soon.

TEAM BATTLES (2min time cap)

• Pull-Ups bodyweight
• Dips bodyweight
• Push Ups +10kg Battle Vest
• Goblet Squats +16kg Kettlebell

A team consists of four team mates. All team members start at the same time, when the time (2 min) begins to run. Each competitor should strive for as many reps as possible (STRICT FORM ONLY) within the timecap of two minutes.

Team registration:

MAX REPS COMPETITION (2min time cap)
• Bar Muscle Ups
• Dips +10kg Battle Vest
• Pull-Ups +10kg Battle Vest
• Goblet Squats +10kg Battle Vest & +16kg Kettlebell

• Strict Ring Muscle Ups
• Dips
• Pull-Ups
• Goblet Squats +16kg Kettlebell

You have two minutes time to do as many reps as possible (STRICT FORM ONLY).
It’s allowed to split the reps and rest as long as you need within the two minutes time cap.
SINGLE Categories or All Over Assessments both possible.

Competitor registration: