The people behind NEOH don’t belong to a giant corporation that could afford to buy a top player at a well-known soccer club. They’re real people, like Manuel.

Manuel is an avid soccer player from Vienna who regularly drove out to the country to play. On the way back, he often craved something sweet, so he would stop off at the nearest gas station for a chocolate bar. With the bar in one hand, and his smartwatch showing him his calorie consumption on the other, he often felt guilty about his choice of snack! One time, his conscience got the better of him, and so after much deliberation (and after looking at the nutritional values), he opted for a protein bar instead. Which was great, except for the bland taste! He found himself asking:

„Why isn’t there a bar that’s both healthy and tasty?“

Manuel took matters in his own hands, studied nutrition and food processing, and experimented for three years to find the perfect formula for a delicious candy bar that was high in protein. During this time, he built up a small team comprising a party-mad marketing fanatic, a nit-picking project manager, a sales guy who acts like the main character from TV series Monk, and some fabulous business angels who are just as passionate about the business as he is.

And the result of all this hard work is NEOH. It even has its own website (which of course you already know as you’re currently on it!). You’ve probably got so into it that you’ve forgotten that you can order a couple of bars online! Well luckily, we’ve thought ahead and have included a link to our online shop​​​​​​​ hereYou’re welcome!